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An Education for your Customer

You know your customer deserves nothing but the best.

However, customers may not always be familiar about what is best for their car.

Garage jargon such as ‘genuine’, ‘OE’, ‘aftermarket’ and ‘salvaged’ can be confusing for the customer so we have devised some easy pointers to assist you in explaining the difference to them.

Nissan Parts carry the name Nissan and that means a lot. It means the parts are made by Nissan for Nissan. Nissan Parts come in 3 types - Original Equipment, Value Advantage and Remanufactured. All of these types of parts undergo a multitude of stiff tests to achieve Nissan levels of quality. Nissan Original Equipment Parts, are genuine parts meaning they are an exact replacement. They are specifically designed for Nissan vehicles, ensuring perfect fitment, reliability, durability and security.

Nissan Value Advantage parts are designed specifically for out of warranty vehicles (3 years old+ vehicles). They are designed and produced with all the Nissan brand expertise and are great value for the customer.

Remanufactured Parts

Fully Renovated Genuine Parts

Remanufactured parts are Nissan Genuine parts that have been fully renovated by Nissan using genuine components. All parts carry at least a 1 year warranty and peace of mind they have the same quality at a competitive price. Remanufactured parts are also the ‘green alternative’ as it prevents scrappage and also enables suppliers to use fewer components to manufacture a new part.

On the other hand, AFTERMARKET PARTS do not carry the name Nissan. That means a lot.

They are often manufactured as a generic fit for a general variety of vehicles. Aftermarket parts are not guaranteed to meet Nissan’s manufacturing requirements and may fall below the high level of quality demanded by Nissan and also do not carry the Nissan warranty.

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